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Weekly Links: November 1 2009

From Cosplay Fever

From Cosplay Fever

Kotaku has some awesome photographs by Peter Lumby and Rob Dunlop of cosplayers from the book Cosplay Fever.

Erin of A Dress A Day made a gorgeous Tetris dress that’s so geeky, yet so good.

Geekologie showcases an anatomically-themed set of furniture by Vladi Rapaport, perfect for anyone who always wanted a skull chair or a brain ottoman (raises hand).

Sprite Stitch covers the cuteness of Pac-Man with a Pac-Man Fused Glass Pendant and Miniplushies by MalonB.

Fashion Indie’s Cult shows some stunning luxe laptops, the result of a collaboration between Dell and D.L. & Co.’s Douglas Little.

Susan, Shayne and Renee at Geek Crafts post their top Halloween costumes (the Red Queen is stunning, and I practically squeed at the Coraline “Other Mother” costume).

Super Punch has some colorful Katamari cosplay, screencaps from the illustration portion of the Capture the Sister Bioshock tutorial, and some plush monster creations from Etsy.